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2012 Master List

Added a few categories this year because I needed them to fill it out - I did a lot more reviewing than I did writing fiction, looks like. Still, I'm happy enough with what I've got, and going through the year got me thinking about what I want to concentrate on for the next year.

Follow the tag for links to basically everything fandom-related that I've ever done.


Victor's Burden (Buffy/Angel, Xander, Ensemble)
The Third Defenestration of Prague (Spike/Drusilla)
Leaves, Like the Things of Man (Buffy/Angel)
Gladsheim Court (Buffy/Angel)

Drabbles/Rosebuds/Odds & Ends:

Angel Reads Douglas Adams (Angel)
Palm (Angel/Spike)
Our True History (Buffy/Angel)
First Try Turning It On (S1 Ensemble)
Lost in the Stacks (Giles)
Untitled (Marcie, Lilah)
Happy Cookie Day (Buffy/Angel)
Fox Hunt (Angel)
Untitled (Willow/Oz)
Builder (Buffy/Angel)


BtVS Season 8 and Sandman: Tales in the Sand
There Is No Hyde
Moms and Dads

Comic Summaries/Reviews:

Buffy #5
A&F #6
Buffy #6
A&F #7
Buffy #7
A&F #8
Buffy #8
A&F #9
Buffy #9
A&F #10
Buffy #10
A&F #11
Buffy #11
A&F #12
Buffy #12
Spike #1
A&F #13
Buffy #13
A&F #14
Buffy #14
Spike #2&3
A&F #15
Willow #1
Buffy #15
Spike #4
A&F #16

Episode Summaries/Reviews:

Friendship Is Magic: "The Last Roundup"
BtVS: "Angel"
BtVS: "I Robot, You Jane"
BtVS: "The Puppet Show"
Friendship Is Magic: "Putting Your Hoof Down" and "It's About Time"
BtVS: "Nightmares"
BtVS: "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"
Game of Thrones: S2 Episode 1
Game of Thrones: S2 Episode...3?
BtVS: "Prophecy Girl"
Game of Thrones: S2 Episode 4?
Game of Thrones: S2 Episode I Don't Know
BtVS: "When She Was Bad"
BtVS: "Some Assembly Required"
BtVS: "School Hard"
BtVS: "Inca Mummy Girl"
BtVS: "Reptile Boy"
BtVS: "Halloween"


The Last Unicorn Graphic Novel Icons
Scoobies Victorious
A&F #12 Icons
Samantha's Carousel


Magic (BtVS S2)
Flying at Tree Level (BtVS S1-3)
Float On (Cowboy Bebop)

Random Acts of Knavery:

Ha ha, remember when this was a thing?
Ital Gal is a fandom.
April Fool's!
It's Canon
Kita's pets are a fandom.
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