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Cowboy Bebop vid

This has actually been finished for a while, I just kept forgetting to post it - I know this is the wrong crowd, but hey, you subscribed to my blog, you get whatever I make! When I make my end-of-the-year master list I'm going to need an entry to link to for this, so here it is.

The show: Remember a few months ago when I couldn't stop raving about this anime? No? Well, I was and I still want all of you to watch it. I left the big spoilers out of the vid so anyone can watch, in the hopes that it would serve to intrigue one of you who would then go on to watch the series and rave back at me.

The song: Pandora loves this song. Fortunately, so do I. It's an upbeat fast-paced one which I thought fit the Cowboy Bebop mood really well. (Also, never seen a sci-fi that loves null gravity scenes as much as this one.)

Tags: cowboy bebop, fanvid, vid: anime

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