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Catching up on The Walking Dead

I'm willing to acknowledge the possibility that I was the only one who liked Dale, but UGH. Was this all just a way of showing that the last member of the group who cared about preserving a human life was gone? And you know, for the most part I really like that it isn't holding too closely to the comics, but does that have to mean that the survivors from the source material have to be systematically eliminated and replaced by original characters? Whatever happens in the future I'm still going to regret what we won't be getting from Sophia and Dale.

Bright side, I really don't care if I'm the only one who likes Hershel. He's awesome and they better as hell not kill him next. They're totally going to kill him next, aren't they? Dammit, this show.

Lori's getting more awesome too. Check her out wasting those two walkers at the car crash! That's my girl. Please kill Shane for me? It's okay if you want to let Carl do it, but please, don't just make this another cautionary tale about crossing the street before looking both ways for walkers.

Andrea is disappointing me and will probably continue to do so now that she doesn't have a Dale in her life. Glenn needs more screen time. Glenn needs ALL THE SCREEN TIME.

Dammit, this show.
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