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In the department of "Can't Go Wrong With Beagle"

Finished The Innkeeper's Song and adored it. The characters that this man dreams up and makes real are miles above most fiction out there, but oddly, I don't think that's the top trait that draws me to his books. I think it's the narration, the poetic imagery in every description and every line of dialogue. It's not usually what I look for, but it's hard to ignore when it's there. You almost have to step away and have a cup of tea and ruminate for a while after a chapter or two of Peter S. Beagle's observations.

Just to pitch you the book with something concrete about its story, though: three women come to an inn. Lal is short and badass and is embarrassed when she finds out how she walks. Nyateneri is middle-aged and has a history with a fox and a secret you will never guess until you get there. Lukassa is not Lukassa. The innkeeper is majorly ticked off.

See? Just like a fantasy novel, except it's really really good.

Got my Spike issue today. Expect a review when I'm done with my pies, unless I get tired and go to sleep first, in which case expect it in a couple days.
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