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Samantha's Carousel

In honor of NEW PONIES and her birthday, I decided to post this now as if it can make up for my shame in not getting it in the mail on time and not getting a better picture of it than this and not being a better artist and aunt and not graduating with a 4.0 and not calling my mother enough and...

Where was I? Oh, right. It's for the baby, not the bronies, but the colors are not coincidental so I figured it counted as fan art enough to post it here unlocked.

Did you SEE all the royalty in that two-part season opener?! Here I thought Cadence and Shining Armor would disappear for another year!

Medium is chalk pastels on pastel paper. No direct photographic references used, though I did look at a lot of princess vectors and my own photos of the carousel at the Beardsley Zoo.
Tags: art, ponies
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