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IWRY Sign-Ups Are Open!


That's right, iwry_marathon is gearing up for its ninth year(!), and we need writers. You could be one of them! Take a look, if you haven't already, and either put down your name to win the respect of your peers and be remembered for countless future generations, or don't, and...well, that's just too sad to think about.

"But Kairos! It's only August! Isn't that awfully early to be plugging an even that happens in November?"

Perhaps. I'm not sure how far away November is; there are twelve months and I only have ten fingers, so counting them can get a bit dicey. But yes, we're officially recruiting earlier this year, in the hopes that we can secure our writers and stories with more time to spare and scribesds won't lose any more sleep than she has to. Have mercy, people.

"Sounds interesting. What's IWRY?"

Oh, my bad, I guess I should have started with that. The I Will Remember You Fic Marathon, or IWRY, is an annual event in which a new (i.e., hitherto unseen by the world) B/A fanfic is posted every day of November, commemorating the episode "I Will Remember You" (make sense?) and celebrating the Buffy/Angel relationship. It's awesome. We've had some amazing stories posted in previous years, and there's nothing quite like waking up every day for a month with a guarantee of a new B/A story.

"Aww. Well, I'd love to, but I can't write."

Yes, you can. All skill levels are welcome, and even if this is your first attempt at fanfiction, you may discover a new affinity and delight for it. What have you got to lose?

"No seriously, my cat ate my keyboard, and anyway I really can't -"

YES YOU CAN. Enough of this.

"Gulp. Okay. Will you be my beta?"

This is a hard thing for me to say, especially after threatening you, but no. I might make exceptions - playing it by ear - but properly critiquing a story takes me a lot of time, and this year I'd like to leave myself free to help out Dark Star in whatever way she needs, and work on my own story (+ backups). If you'd really like a beta, writers_toybox is a great gathering place for B/A writers. You can ask for help or just post questions; we're friendly.

"That's brilliant. Thank you, Kairos. I love what you've done with your hair, by the way."

What, brushed it? Okay, cool, I'll start trying that more often.

"Anything else we should know about IWRY?"

You bet! The sign-up post will tell you a bit about the changes being implemented this year, all aimed, of course, at making this the best marathon ever. We've streamlined the contours, added anti-lock brakes, installed a surround-sound system, and hired three of the original Greek Muses.

We also have our own Twitter.

The primary purpose is to push off from LJ a bit and make the event more accessible to the rest of the internet, but even if you like to follow us from LJ, you might find it useful or entertaining - come November, it'll get a daily link to the story, and until then, it'll get a post of some kind every few days. I won't start updating it until it gains a few followers, but after that, you can expect writing tips, B/A quotes, news, and whatever else may come to mind.

(The Twitter is approved by upper management, but I'll be the only one posting to it. Decades in the future, someone may wonder, "Who updates that thing, anyway?", and you'll be the one who can say "Ooh! I know! It's Kairos!")

"That's wonderful. Can I go home now?"

Yes, but only under the condition that you tell all your writerly friends to sign up for IWRY. You've been very well behaved, thank you for your attention. Can't wait to see your story!
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