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Things to click on

I've been lax in my plugging of Dark Star's projects. Granted, most of you who are interested in B/A are already enough in the loop that you've heard tell of these things before, but I need to put my personal stamp of approval on them, especially because I'm (self-)involved.

So, if you haven't already, go check out Apocalypse Alley. It's made up entirely of B/A stories in a post-apocalyptic setting, how cool is that? Plus the quote changes at refresh, try it out. I do have an affection for the theme, but so far I've only got one story that fit it. Hopefully that will change at some point in the future.

And even if you have already, go check out Midnight Madness. The page, an adult B/A fiction archive, is being updated with 40 stories from the authors who reside there. It's like IWRY in July! There's definitely stuff going up that I haven't read yet, and some of my own fics are getting archived outside of this here blog for the first time.

Finally! Please to not forget about the annual challenge at writers_toybox. The theme is "The Games", it runs through August, there have been a couple of good ones already, and yes, I'm hard at work on mine. Last year we had such fun with this that DS got all inspired and made us an Apocalypse site. Let's see what we can get out of it this time!

There. Don't say I never gave you anything good to click on.
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