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Yes I. Love. Everythiiing!

It's my birthday!

I already received some surprise gifts that I just have to tell you about - taaroko, with her mastermind cunning, sent me the cookbook based on Inn at the Crossroads. OM NOM NOM. As soon as I paged through it I stopped feeling sorry for any of the characters in GoT. It's not fair they got to eat like this every day.

My sister sent me a webcam, but I'm mostly going to use it for communicating with her and her bebbeh. You know, once I get my CD drive fixed so I can install the software. No video blog starring my vacant-eyed mug, sorry.

Someone - a very mysterious person - got me a book by Peter S. Beagle, better known as "the best writer". It's called The Innkeeper's Song (kind of an inn theme going on, huh?) and I haven't read it, and I really want to know who you are, wonderful friend who knew how much I love Peter S. Beagle!

My parents got me a new bike, or at least that's the official story. (In real life it ended up being easier to just buy the bike myself and they forgave my rough equivalent cell phone debt.) They also might be showing up to publicly embarrass me at work today. The bike is great to have, though; my old one was in no condition.

I splurged and ordered myself a Nexus tablet. I'm honestly not sure yet what I'm going to use it for besides reading comics, but...it was shiny? And it's my birthday.

And not to forget all the happiness that is birthday wishes from people like you, flist. I got some ponies already. Ponies that sparkle.

Also some good stuff going on that doesn't have anything to do with my birthday (or so they say), but I should probably make a separate post for those. For now, suffice to say I loffs you all and I would like to make lemon cakes for the whole world.
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