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I would like to make a website.

Lately - well, ever since I joined fandom, to be honest - there's been a lot of lamentation about how the influx of new fan content is diminishing, especially on the B/A side. My friends, there is only one way to combat this!

I've been wanting to make a site of my own anyway. I've never made one before, aside from pages on free template sites like this one, but web design seems like something I want to try my hand at, and it would be nice to have absolute control a little internet home of my own.

My first thought was a B/A-specific deal, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like a better idea is a universal Buffyverse center that's B/A friendly (or B/A slanted; that's fine with me). That way, there's more potential content that can be added, and nobody will have to worry about staying on topic.

So, my question for you (which means anyone), is what does this fandom need? Here's the bare bones of what I'm considering so far:

• Fanworks only; i.e., no cast interviews or resources for show facts
• Places for fanfiction, graphics/art, vids, and meta, all of which must be submitted by its creator and screened by...me, I guess, or whoever volunteers to help
• A place for reviews and discussion of the comics
• An outlet for general discussion, but not a forum
• As interactive as possible
• Nothing that takes traffic away from Dark Star's sites or other B/A fanfiction archives
• Ponies

Alternately, am I being too broad? Would it be better to just create a personal page and dump all of my own stuff into it? Does a ship affiliation make you more or less interested?

Thanks for your thoughts! If I get anywhere with this, I'll be back to pump you for more.
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