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My ward went to Winterfell and all I got were these murdered children.

Theon (and his stupid teeth) really did get the short end in this portrayal, which is not something I ever thought I'd say. I mean, if you didn't start hating him by the end of his first POV chapter there's no hope for you, but there was still a lot of benefit from hearing his thoughts and seeing how scared and overwhelmed he was without actually admitting it to anyone. Now it's just "I'm stupid and I kill people AND I'M LOUD ABOUT IT." Wonder how long it'll take for him to replace Joffrey as the #1 target for audience anti-affection.

Cersei on the other hand is being played way too sympathetically and it bugs me. Not the actress; she's great. I'm just not sure where they're going with this. How can Cersei be so aware of her son's monstrosity without it changing her actions? Are she and Tyrion really getting along? What does she want, if not more power for herself through her family? On the flipside, I've discovered I get pretty excited about word-for-word dialogue from the books, and I loved her talk with Sansa, though it was probably the kindest moment they could have chosen for Cersei.

Sansa getting her period was another utterly amazing scene that I'd been waiting for, although this time I knew it couldn't really come across on screen like it did in text. Sansa being rather more stupid than her literary counterpart, I'm not sure everyone watching could quite credit her for knowing exactly what was happening. When she wakes up and finds that blood (enough of it that she might also have sacrificed a goat in her sleep, ahem), she knows that Joffrey's getting full access to her body. The person she hates and fears most, the person who killed her father and her wolf and declared war on her family and beats her for no reason, will now be allowed to rape her at will. In the book she goes temporarily insane and nearly sets her room on fire, which is all the more horrifying because say what you want about Sansa but her self-control is pristine.

Could be great that she's got Shae as her loyal friend to help her through these trying times, but, uh, what's with that, anyway?

Arya's really getting off easy. Tywin has this caring grandfatherly side to him that I've never seen before. Did he smile? I think he might have smiled. Can't help it though, their dialogue together is kind of great. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say he won't be Target #3.

Jaime's voice is lovely, how did I miss that before? He really is great to watch, with the hilarious cocky dialogue and the badass cocky killer instincts. The conversation with Whosit Lannister had me really intrigued because I only realized halfway into it that Jaime was planning something and Whosit wasn't going to be a winner in this game. Nicely compact conflict with the Karstarks, and Catelyn's and Brienne's appearances were just right. I love Catelyn, I really do and I don't care what you think. I might love her as much on the show as I do in the book.

My favorites in the books of course are still Jon and Dany. Not quite so much on the show. Jon's UST is starting to get funny, and Ygritte was way better in this episode than the last one, but I'm already tired of the marching around an empty cold landscape. Where's Halfhand? Are we gonna see a swordfight soon or is it just going to be a game of who's-prisoner-now?

Dany's hair is better when it isn't crimped like that. So this is how they're getting her into the House of the Undying? Sure, I can dig that. Honestly I'm not sure why she didn't just say "'Kay that sounds fun" when she heard about it the first time, but I might have missed a line or two. I also can't remember what delayed her in the books. I'm just eager for it to happen, already! It's gonna be cool!

ALSO. When do we get the Battle of the Blackwater? GRRM's writing that episode and it's gonna be AWESOME. We've got to be close, right?
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