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Did anyone even mention the old gods?

Ugh. Next time it takes that long to buffer, someone kindly remind me that staying up past 3am to finish is just not worth it.

Alright, A Clash of Kings was an exceptionally good book and there were a lot of exciting chapters to choose from, but you know what I was looking forward to the most? The riot in King's Landing. The way it was written just made it so chaotic and frightening, and with Tyrion's POV, you don't actually know if Sansa (and who knows who else) is getting killed.

The show didn't deliver. I can't tell them what to do with their budget, but it would have been great if they splurged for this and kept it on horseback. We missed out on some great character stuff leading up to it, too. One of my favorite Sansa moments is when Joffrey looks like he's about to trample a peasant, and Tyrion sees Sansa say something to him, and he stops. We never find out what Sansa said, but, hey, just saved a life here! With words! How about some credit for that instead of the Goodkind-worthy Almost Rape?

Okay. Okay. I'm over it. I mean, at least we got to see Joff with cow dung on his face. And some more slappage.

Ygritte's going to bore me. I can feel it. She was never one of my favorites anyway, but one thing she had going for her was a distinct voice and an immediately evident personality. She's also got one of the only detailed physical descriptions in the book, so I guess it's inevitable that whoever they cast wasn't going to look like her, but I wish they'd found a face with a few more imperfections. You know nothing, casting director.

Robb's girlfriend is likewise not terribly satisfying. Actually, this episode is a good example of Strong Female Character trope gone wrong - imbuing all of the women with the same audience-pleasing strengths just destroys the individuality that they had as their book versions. I don't need every girl to be witty and brave and telling off the men. I need at least some of them to frustrate me.

Dany came off a little weakly here too, sadly. She needs a reminder that she can be awesome without speechifying about how awesome she is. I'm all about the twist at the end, though! Don't know how she's gonna replace that khalasar. And even though we didn't get to actually see the dragons, I really liked the screaming-baby-angry-monster sounds they picked for them.

Also a notable episode for Theon "Stupid Teeth" Greyjoy. You know, he's not really that stupid in the books. Or, he is, but that's because we can see his thoughts - he's supposed to be pretty attractive, and his dialogue comes off a lot more suavely than it does in the show. I feel like he's being played with utmost accuracy, but at the same time is an entirely different character. You know, there's some parts of being the Lord of Winterfell that you just don't appreciate until you try to do it. Beheading someone on the first stroke is harder than it looks.

Is Osha even trying to be a different character than Tonks?

Jaqen H'ghaar has quickly become the best part of a girl's character arc. A man is delivering all of those lines perfectly. A fan is totally in love with him.

You know, I wouldn't put money on Arya escaping Littlefinger's recognition. Figuring her out and not reacting to it visibly is exactly the kind of thing he'd do.

That's all I got. Anyone else watching this week? Confused? Shocked? Ambivalent?
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