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I'm the frakking ghost in frakking Harrenhal

Last week after watching Game of Thrones I was getting the sense that it was still enjoyable, but slightly pointless. What do I really want from it other than faithfulness to the books, and how does that even matter when it's never going to surpass them?

Last night's episode changed my mind. Everything was just so much fun. Dany's scenes were my favorite, but almost everyone handed me something new and shiny to gloat over. Tyrion, with his witticisms. Sam, with his unusual appreciation of lots and lots of snow. Bran, with his Hodor. Catelyn, with her new sworn swordswoman. Theon, with his, uh. Theon, with...with his...well, I did say almost.

I keep wishing that Asha/Yara had been cast differently. I think if she looked and acted more like the character I know, I'd be better able to appreciate the Iron Island scenes.

Jaqen, on the other hand, is hitting all the right notes and I forgive his hair. Who figured out that accent? It's awesome! And he's completely embracing his who-the-hell-even-does-that-with-pronouns dialect. Check it out, the Tickler's dead. I can live with that. Sure beats introducing new characters just for Arya to kill. (The Ghost in Harrenhal was one of the coolest parts of the second book, but also the most frustrating. Take a drink every time you want to shout, "NO! Just kill Tywin! He's RIGHT THERE! And Gregor Clegane you moron kid GREGOR CLEGANE!")

Apparently two of my favorite characters from Bran's chapters aren't going to be introduced this season, and I thought about it and realized that they could probably get away without having them in the show at all. Between that and the limited use of the wolves (and Rickon), though, I kind of wonder how they intend to keep Bran interesting, and I mean that in an optimistic sense, because I think they really could throw something crazy at us to compensate. (*cough*I would still rather have more wolves though.*cough*)

Oh! Renly's dead. Bye, Renly. You were certainly the best-dressed contender, although honestly I never really forgave you for being a contender in the first place. The combined Baratheon force could have smashed Joffrey and we could have been done with this already. Stannis would have been fine as a king. Not a good one but definitely fine. I thought the death scene worked well, though, if only as a way to showcase the reactions to it. My interest in Brienne just skyrocketed. And Margaery! Margaery might be the first one who I actually like better in the show. Well she wants to be the queen, then she thinks about her scene...

I can't remember anything notable that Davos said or did in this episode but I just have to mention again that I love Davos, because I do.

And then, Dany. I'm so excited. Drogon's breathing fire and he looks better than last time I saw him and the girls are all "Awww, look at this tiny deadly dragon breathing fire!" And Dany is back in beautiful dresses and in beautiful chambers, and Qarth is beautiful, and damn, I actually love what they're doing with Xaro Xhoan Daxos. Summer Islands? Why not? And Quaithe! Quaithe was there and I thought for sure they'd leave her out! And the House of the Undying! I'm so excited! Also there were some parrots. Based on the species shown, I think we can assume that Qarth's closest Earth parallel is in the Southern/Eastern hemisphere.

The preview for the next episode makes it look like the end of Jon's arc for this book is coming early, so he'll either be sparse for the rest of the season, or we're jumping ahead to the next book. Nifty! Same thing will probably be happening with a couple other arcs. We are so going to make it through the next nineteen seasons with time to spare.

It occurs to me that I'm kind of crap at writing about this show. I might keep that in mind next time I try it, and change my approach. Or maybe it's writing for TV episodes in general that bogs me down, but I still feel up to sharing my many feelings about the season finale for Friendship Is Magic. I mean, that was just flawless.
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