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What you said, flist, is correct

[Last episode of Bones was a disappointment.]What bugs me is that every little thing that annoyed me felt hauntingly familiar - the same kind of annoying had already been in previous episodes. It's never just one bad episode anymore, it's one more sign of the overall decline of the show.

You'd think they could pull out something special for the baby episode. Being born in a stable doesn't count. (A manger, btw, is a feeding trough. Jesus wasn't born in one and neither was Christine Brennan.) I mean, sure, there's an aww factor, there's sweetness, I smiled when I saw the standard issue 3-month-old TV baby, but none of it had anything to do with the show or the characters. Insert baby, elicit emotion.

Oh and also let's not bother writing any dialogue. We can lift everything we need from whatever movies or shows we've seen in which there's a birth scene. Preface it with Bones and Booth arguing about something illogical, mix with the usual gross-out crime stuff, and we've got ourselves an episode.

I'm willing to take the optimism road and hope that the rest of the season will pick up, though. I mean, Cam's hair is growing on me. Not literally.
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