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I watched Game of Thrones and now I'm a happy girl.

I'm going through my chatlog with taaroko while writing this to better recall all my squees. First one was for Dragonstone on the map. And did you see? Did you see there was at least one gargoyle visible while we were there? And did you see the table that was also a map of Westeros oh man I love that table and I love Dragonstone and I love the night being dark and full of terrors.

I wish this season had gotten more episodes than the first one, but I have to say I'm impressed by how compact the introductory scenes were. Lots of information coming through with just a few minutes with each character.

And our new actors? Pretty much perfect! Can't wait to see more of Davos. Melisandre is sufficiently red, except for her eyes (bummer), and I feel like her accent could have been stronger. Dontos was pretty great, though I think he should have been pantsless like he was in the book, because men without pants are always humor. And what was with his Captain America armor? Who else? Oh yeah, Craster. (Already Craster!)

Tommen and Myrcella got a cameo; it's been awhile. They play such minor roles at first that I have to wonder how they're going to be handled; do they need to keep getting screentime just to remind us of their existence?

White raven, everyone salute the white raven. No Shireen to ooh and ahh over it, though. We'll see her eventually, right? And Patchface?

Tyrion knocked it out of the park. I couldn't stop grinning at how smug he was about being designated Hand. And his verbal battle with Cersei - oh, please keep them coming. He even comes out with a pretty accurate description of her redeeming qualities (so what it is about blonde cheekboney people, anyway?), though I have my doubts that she really loves all three of her children. Tyrion's probably just naturally sympathetic toward attentive parental figures, huh? No matter how much he hates Joffrey, he wouldn't want him deprived of a mother's love.

Maester Luwin and Bran kicking ass (not literally in Bran's case of course) and taking names at Winterfell was fantastic. I love Maester Luwin so much it hurts. Then things get cooler. To quote myself at this point while watching: "WOLF-O-VISION! AND THE RED COMET OMG OMG OMG" It's like I forgot everything that I was looking forward to seeing on the screen and then HBO is like HERE YA GO! And for good measure, Bran in his basket on Hodor! And Osha being kinda awesome and really pretty.

So when Dany's silver died I was like WHYYYYY but now I have a guess: Doreah didn't, so someone had to. I can understand that they might have a few good uses for Doreah coming up, but I sure hope they get Dany a new horse in the meantime. You know, one that will match the awesome dragon on her shoulder. He looks both blacker and redder than he did last time we saw him, though I'm never going to picture the dragons with anything less than four legs.

The rest of the cast surrounding Dany is looking pretty nifty, too. I might even be able to handle the loss of Jason Momoa. Rakharo's hot. You were thinking it too. Oh hey, here's my biggest nerd moment: I understood Dany's Dothraki when she was calling her bloodriders. I'd read a few articles on the Dothraki language, remembered the sound of the word for "blood", heard it said twice, and filled in "blood of my blood" in my head. And that's what a khal calls his bloodriders. The more you know! I think the actress is doing great with the language, btw.

Already Craster. He's the one new face that isn't really doing it for me. I pictured him with a long nasty beard, a mouthful of nasty rotten teeth, and rougher language (i.e. "Me" instead of "my"). I don't know why I should care. It's not like he wasn't creepy enough as he was. Elsewise, all is well beyond the Wall. Maybe Jon will learn some manners! And I think we already met Gilly. Neat!

Does anyone want to at least try to say R'hllor? Mel? He's your god. Come on, you can do it.

You know what's even better than a CGI dragon? A CGI direwolf which is actually direwolf sized. Grey Wind = new favorite character. I could hardly even pay attention to what was happening in that scene, he was so cool looking. I did gather that Jaime is being dragged around with Robb. So he gets to stay onscreen, yay! With a beard, boo. Okay no I understand the necessity of the beard and it would be wrong to not have it, but he was so pretty. I will miss that.

Cersei thinks she's cooler than Littlefinger, and for a few minutes, she's right. Not gonna lie, I loved her little power display. Live it up, Cersei! Last chance to feel good about yourself before your son makes it crystal clear that you have UTTERLY FAILED at your only redeeming quality aside from your cheekbones (which are still a success).

Theon I hate you. Theon I hate you so much. This is not a spoiler because I swear just what we've seen of him on the show so far is more than enough to make me hate him. It's his teeth. Look at those stupid teeth.

The Baratheon bastard massacre was rough to watch. It figures that they'd make that something we had to watch instead of hearing about it secondhand. Is it just me or is everyone a lot more open about the "secret" than they were in the books? I feel like a lot of people still didn't know at this point, and those who did weren't saying anything.

Just a glimpse of Arya and Gendry but they're looking great. Arya's going to shine this season.

I know I haven't really said anything but sometimes you just need to do your shrieking in a post of your own. GAME OF THRONES SEASON TWO WINS EVERYTHING FOREVER!
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