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Charlie bit me!

Just read The Daily Coyote, a nice peaceful book with big glossy pictures (of a coyote and stuff). I used to check that blog daily, but it isn't what it used to be since Charlie grew up and there are no longer notes about him along with the pictures.

Every time I read a biography it kind of takes me out of my comfort zone and gives me dreams of doing Grand Things, and I'm not sure if that means I should keep reading them in hopes of pushing the comfort zone until I'm forced to go pursue the dreams, or whether reading is just my way of vicariously living other people's Grand Things. One way or another, though, it was cool to have some time thinking about raising a wild animal and the mental exertion of it. I live with a wild animal too, though a very different kind, and it's not always sunshine between us.

I don't know if this is the beginning of a habit of making a post every time I finish a book. Lately I'm just enjoying the frequent use of LJ, and I'm reading a lot because I'm procrastinating on my TV watching. Um...

Anyway, coyotes are awesome and I like autobiographies.
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