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Happy October

Write some B/A fic totaling at least 5000 words: Worked on it.

Original fiction:
Complete my original short story "Retronym": Worked on it.
Plot out the first arc for my other comic: Worked on it.


Make something for my nephew and/or nieces: Sculpted and baked a little Fluffy (their cat). Painting is going to be the hard part for this one, since it's meant to be a real cat whom I don't live with, but I'm so glad I got this far!
Complete any kind of painting: Uh, cut out a piece of watercolor paper and left it on the table with my paints, does that count for anything?
Use Photoshop: Got a "teach yourself" book from the library, and surprisingly it's a big help.

Finish a book a month: The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. It picks up speed as it goes on, or maybe that was just me. I thought there would be more about the Third Age, though, particularly the Istari and other background that was directly relevant to LotR. I guess that's in another tome, which I may go looking for someday.
Get a Wheel of Time refresher: Finished reading/skimming The Eye of the World; haven't yet started The Great Hunt. I did really enjoy it though, and I found this nifty resource for feeling engaged even without a fandom or reading buddy.
Read one poem every night before going to sleep: Doing fine. I'll finish the Robert Frost before the end of the year but can't narrow it down more than that.

Catch up on Game of Thrones: Finished S5, pre-ordered S6. Post to come.
Revive my BtVS episode reviews: Yup! I know there's only been a couple but I feel motivated to continue. Finally!

Finish and post my homebrew 30-day meme: Worked on it.

Pretty good month! Hopefully the stuff that I started will pay off next month.
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