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~all around me darkness gathers~ ~fading is the sun that shone~ ~we must speak of other matters~ ~you can be me when i'm gone~ ((All of this has happened before)) ((All of this has happened before))
God bless the rain, and the rainclouds that bring it. God bless the music, and the voices that sing it. God bless the ones who sing everything wrong. God bless all creatures who do not belong.

If you're here for my fanfiction, fan art/graphics, and reviews or stray thoughts about fiction and media, have no fear: it's all unlocked and anyone is free to friend this journal with or without asking first.
If you'd also like access to my personal blog, containing travel diary entries, pictures of my pets, and (potentially) original art and fiction, comment here. Off-duty superheroes get in after hours.
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Behold, Xander gets sniffed by some kids he didn't used to like: I'm back for "The Pack"!

And that means it's time for...Collapse )

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Not doing the Snowflake Challenge this year (obviously), but I've got one more end/beginning of the year list to make, so my fandom goals for 2018 will now be appearing outside the context of a meme.

It's one category short from last year's, and this was a rough decision: no fanfiction goals. See, when I make lists I tend to actually use them, which is of course why I make them in the first place, but it means I always end up prioritizing what's on the list so that I can cross something off rather than following some random inspiration. The format tricks my brain into thinking that all items have equal weight, and fanfiction is easier for me to write than original fiction, aaaand...last year I had all my fanfiction goals crossed off before I'd even taken a good look at the original fiction ones.

No more excuses. I love writing fanfiction and I'm not by any means giving it up, but from now on that's what will get the random inspiration treatment. Original fiction gets goals.

Original fiction:

Complete "Retronym"
Complete the romance novel I started in November
Finish writing the first arc of a comic
Write a 2-5k word story about anything
Camp NaNoWriMo

Art and crafting:

Crossover fan art
Paint in watercolors
Sculpt a mythical beast
Digitally color three hand-drawn sketches
Sew something wearable


Twenty-four total books
Three of them from authors I've never read before
Finish Wheel of Time

TV and games:

Post BtVS reviews through S3
Rewatch/finish Lost
Finish FFIX


Make a fanmix for everything!
Clean up Castle Kairos
At least one book/movie/comic/TV/fanwork review or meta per month
Make good on my random goodwill meme promises

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The Glue of the World: Borderlands

One-Shot Fanfics:

There Ain't a Cloud in Sight (GotG; ensemble)
Growth Rings (GotG; ensemble)
Keep the Light On (GotG; Peter/Rocket)
Through the Fog (Firefly; ensemble)
Pyrolysis (GotG; Peter)
Nock, Draw, Release (GotG; Yondu)
Safekeeping (The Punisher; Frank/Karen)
Phantoms (GotG; Rocket&Nebula)
Make It Right (The Punisher/Daredevil; Frank/Karen)

Fanfic Chapters:

Brace for Impact (GotG; Peter&Rocket)
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter 89P13
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four
Wolfsbane (BtVS; Buffy/Angel)
Chapter Seventeen through Terminus (link goes to entire work)


Road Trip (Iron Man)
New Year's Eve (Buffyverse)
Freedom Soon Will Come (The Lord of the Rings)
Recruitment (Buffyverse/MCU)
Buffy Meets Gamora (Buffyverse/GotG)
If You Save a Life... (Jurassic World)
The Freshmen (Buffyverse)
When I'm Done Grilling (Buffyverse)
Limits (GotG)
Semiformal (The Punisher)
Nightmares (The Punisher)


Magic and Scorch

Episode Reviews:

Teacher's Pet
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date


Daemon AUs
Logan reactions
Legion reactions
American Gods reactions
More American Gods reactions
Hopes for the X-Men in the MCU

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The Glue of the World: Dido - White Flag

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I was putting together my 2017 fanfic master list and realized I hadn't yet posted this one on LJ, so I'm doing it now because I want to have all my links going to the same site.

Title: Make It Right
Author: Kairos
Fandom: Punisher/Daredevil mashup
Wordcount: 5039
Pairing: Frank/Karen
Notes: Sort of a follow up to the last one. This doesn't have a plot either, I was just craving stability for these two.

Yeah, it’s not what I’d wanna do either. But you do have to. Alright? You do have to.Collapse )

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The Glue of the World: The Scofflaws - William Shatner

Received 6 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw

Finish and post "Wolfsbane"
Finish and post "Brace for Impact"
Write for a new fandom

Original fiction:

Complete my story "Retronym"
Finish writing the first arc of my superhero comic
Finish writing the first arc of my urban fantasy comic
Write a schlock paranormal romance to self-publish
NaNoWriMo (I get this one but not the previous one because I didn't say I have to win NaNoWriMo. I did participate, just didn't actually complete the rough draft of the paranormal romance.)

Art and crafting:

Design superhero costumes
Paint in a medium that requires an easel
Get a Wacom tablet (and use it) (Different brand, but my best Christmas gift...unfortunately I'm having loads of trouble installing the drivers and it's honestly really stressing me out. I'm like that with tech problems. Hopefully I'll pull myself together and find a way to actually use the thing soon.)
Make a pair of earrings
Make myself a skirt (Okay, so, I told you about some progress on the skirt? The story concludes with me realizing I had only cut out half of the necessary pattern pieces. I don't have enough fabric for the rest of them and I got the fabric in an airport in Kuala Lumpur three years ago. I'ma stop talking about this now because it's also stressing me out.)


Finish two books a month (children's, graphic novel, or re-read okay for one) (I didn't keep track in any reliable way but I just went through the year's book-tagged posts and counted up what I had said I had read, and it came to 19.)
Finish one Wheel of Time book per month (No. But I still read a lot of WoT.)

TV and games:

Finish True Blood
Finish The Legend of Korra
Post BtVS reviews through S3 (I've had the next one open for weeks, just thinking I could get one more done even if I wouldn't get to S3, but the Buffy headspace really just isn't coming back to me. We'll see what happens.)


Clean up Castle Kairos (Same note as the above for the BtVS reviews.)
Finish and post my homebrew 30-day meme
At least one book/movie/comic/TV/fanwork review or meta per month (I'm pretty sure I did enough to pass.)
Do the monthly updates again
Six random acts of goodwill (Okay, this one's my biggest regret of the list. I didn't do any and I did receive one, so I'm not going to pretend we all forgot about it and it doesn't exist anymore. What do you say, flist? Should we renew this meme?)

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The Glue of the World: Brand New - Play Crack the Sky

Received 3 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Only spoilery if you don't know Frank's backstory and Kairos's OTP, but cuts are the done thing.Collapse )

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The Glue of the World: Blackalicious - Release 1, 2, 3

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2018 Resolutions: Less Murder More KarenCollapse )

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I love this meme, I have to pull it out every year.Collapse )

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The Glue of the World: Alexa's CYOA feature

Received 23 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Well, it’s official: Disney’s buying Fox. As far as I can tell, Disney now owns everything I love aside from Tolkien and a few of my close family members. And my pets. Except maybe for Lucy; I’ve always had a suspicion that those huge eyes and squeaky meow indicate origins in some kind of animated movie.

I don’t understand business, so I was hesitating to say anything about this deal, but I’ve been informed by several reputable news sources (ha ha, as if I knew which sources were reputable) that X-Men in the MCU is a real thing. As in, a thing that can happen. In reality.

Given that this is something I’ve wanted for as long as there’s been an MCU, I don’t want to get too fixated on the details. There are going to be disappointments, and a lot of the cool things that happen will be things I never would have thought to want, so it’s better to just sit back and see how it goes.

On the other hand, getting too fixated on the details is exactly what I want to do. Here’s a wishlist I’ve had formulating in my head for veritable years:

Middle-aged, hairy, short Wolverine.

Xavier journeys around the world seeking out mutants.

The Phoenix Saga done right, because I’m already assuming I’ll have issues with how it’s done in the 2018 movie. This ought to be the centerpiece of any X-Men universe, so go big. Cosmically big, with aliens. Spread it out over several movies and make us have to look backward to piece it together. Bring in Madeline Pryor, or Rachel Grey-Summers. Confuse us. Don’t let Jean off with a few murders on her conscience; make her eat a star and destroy a populated planet. Bring it all in with a redemption and sacrifice, but freaking earn it.

The New Mutants done right, because I'm already assuming I'll have issues with how they're done in the 2018 movie. No particular hopes for this, since I'm honestly still shocked we're getting even one movie based on this series, but I don't know, maybe make it different by using Warlock and Cypher? Maybe tackle the full Darkchilde arc instead of just featuring Ilyana as a character?

Aubrey Plaza as Shadowcat. Look, I didn’t say everything on my list was going to be a practical idea. I want Aubrey Plaza as Kitty Pryde and then I want Star-Lord/Shadowcat; it’s comic canon, there’s a basis, c’mon.

Alternatively, 13½ year old Kitty Pryde, new kid, smart kid, crush on Colossus kid.

And either way, Kitty deserves Lockheed on her shoulder.


Furry Nightcrawler, and a lot of him.

Some version of X-Factor, preferably involving their origin in which they pretend to be mutant hunters. But not with too much emphasis on the prejudice metaphor, so it stays balanced with the rest of the universe as established.

Unusually tall, dark-skinned, strong regal dramatic Storm with an accent you can’t quite place and a wild backstory that we at least hear about a few times. Make her the team leader, at least temporarily. Make her a bit of an insensitive jerk, too.

Just one Fastball Special! WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

Rogue with super-strength, invulnerability, and flight, who despite her insecurity and self-loathing is one of the power hitters of the team, rather than a Rogue who is just insecure and self-loathing.

Starjammers? Starjammers. Shi'ar? Shi'ar. Brood? Brood.

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So...anyone watching The Punisher yet? Should I beg some more? No? Fine, here's some Guardians instead.

Title: Phantoms
Author: Kairos
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Wordcount: 3191
Summary: Nebula is living with the Guardians on the Quadrant, for now. She has a cybernetic arm. Rocket has noticed.
Notes: A little while back there was some discussion on tumblr about the scenes in both movies where Rocket wants to steal someone's prosthetic body parts. We don't know yet if he'll be attempting to get his hands on Bucky's arm or anything like that when we next see him, but some fans think the running joke crosses a line, and wanted to see a Rocket who has changed his ways and lost interest in other people's mechanical parts. Given the amount of time that's elapsed in canon, we're not going to see the process of it even if his character does develop in that direction, so it's up to the fanfiction writers.

Personally, I took those jokes at face value - Rocket's a dick, he's a thief, and he has no concept of normalcy; it adds up - and I also found them hilarious, which is enough to justify most anything in my mind. Still, though, challenge accepted. Here's how I think he would get over it.

I saw Nebula trying to tie a knot today, and she was having a really hard time with it. Is that funny?Collapse )

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Received 5 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Scene: Kairos comes home from Thanksgiving in Chicago with an unfinished original novel and a bad cold. That weekend, the latter convinces her to give up on the former, and she tries to find some kind of entertainment to distract her as the cold turns into the flu. She turns on Netflix.

Marvel's latest offering is the obvious choice. The Punisher is based on Daredevil's disappointing second season, and it's probably just going to be Jon Bernthal shooting people, but he's a charismatic actor and Kairos can't give it her full attention anyway. For the first half of the show, the plot confuses her, the character development intrigues her, one of her favorite Daredevil characters shows up, there's an intelligent look at violence and morality, and there's a hacker who isn't a teenager or a tubby nerd, so that's kind of cool.

Episode 10 rolls in and okay wow this is a fandom now. This is a fandom I have and this is a ship I have and I cannot think about anything except this fandom and this ship and I need more, show please give me more, internet please give me more, nothing else matters. I mean thank God for taaroko falling for it at the same time as me so we can spend the next couple weeks pelting each other with fanworks and squee, but I need more of you to watch it. Talk to me. Tell me what I need to say to convince you.

Title: Safekeeping
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: 9763
Pairing: Frank/Karen
Summary: Karen's had too much loss. With a lover like Frank, it's hard not to think about losing him too.
Notes: Spoilers for The Defenders as well as The Punisher. (Although honestly? Not that many for either.)

And even though she wasn’t sure if they were dating, even though she didn’t like him being called the Punisher, she hadn’t denied it. She couldn’t deny it.Collapse )

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Received 2 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
I've become so smitten with four certain episodes of The Punisher that I started rewatching the entire Netflix MCU lineup from the beginning so I can experience them again in the full context. Yes I'm writing a Punisher fic. Why would you even have to ask that. I didn't finish my original novel and I have a slew of GotG and BtVS fics in progress that readers would probably enjoy so obviously the thing to do is devote myself to a new fandom and ignore everything else I was planning to accomplish in 2017.

Okay so actually I was posting because I had a couple GotG one-shots in storage and I wanted to have something to post. Not sure if anyone here is still reading for this fandom and this one wasn't that popular on Ao3 but here you go. It's about Yondu.

Title: Nock, Draw, Release
Author: Kairos
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Wordcount: 1602
Summary: Yondu has a fin and an arrow and he once had a family; this is how he got them.

They tear ‘em out, make room for th’ implant.Collapse )

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The Glue of the World: My Little Pony FIM S7

Received 3 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
I don't actually know if I'm going to get cards out this year, let alone on time. I'm finally feeling mostly better (like, maybe I can actually sleep in my own bed tonight and not wake my husband up with coughing fits? Maybe?), but my in-laws will be here in a week and I need to shop and clean and augh there's too much, this post was just supposed to be to collect mailing addresses and here I am fretting about my life.

ANYWAY. If you would like a card, please comment here with your address. This does not guarantee you a card, but it does make me happy to know that people read my post and like to receive my cards, so you might as well. Comments are screened, of course, so I'll be the only one who can see it.

Um. Deck the halls?

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Received 9 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Original Fiction:
Well, we all know what I tried to do. It does allow me to cross NaNoWriMo off my resolutions, but not the other one I was aiming for, "Write a schlock paranormal romance", unless I finish a rough draft in December. Which might happen, who knows!

Art and Crafting:
Oh! I did finish designing my superhero costumes. Not particularly happy with any of them, so I'm in no hurry to scan and post, but I'm glad they're out of the way.
I also cut out the pieces for my skirt. I feel like that should be the hardest part out of the way, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

Was going to let myself off the hook this month for books, since I was supposed to devote all my time to writing and anyway the book I had just started was Anna Karenina, which is huge, but then I ended up getting The Handmaid's Tale from the library and finishing it on vacation.
Now that's a book that I've seen on every must-read list for classics, feminism, dystopia, you name it. In other words, I was prepared to hate it. I didn't, but I don't get what the fuss is about either. Not going to go into depth here since I'm sure at least someone reading this has a high opinion of the book and I don't want to hurt any feelings. I just got bored after the first hundred pages of patriarchy and adjectives. Anna Karenina is excellent so far, though.
I also read a bunch of children's books to my nieces. Now that's some worthwhile literature.
Not much further in The Path of Daggers, but it's nice to have nearby to keep returning to it.

No reviews or anything because no posts or anything. I'd really like to tell you all how much I loved The Punisher, though.

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The Glue of the World: Wolfenstein 2

Received 7 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Heyyyyy LJ what's up. I'm back. With confessions!

First, I never really left. Been lurking for pretty much the entire month, but drew the line at posting or commenting, which I admit was kind of arbitrary.

Second, I failed NaNoWriMo. Got up to about 35k words. There are a lot of reasons, some predictable, some just due to personal failings, but I've mostly decided to lay the blame on my body betraying me. I was supposed to spend this last weekend catching up and I got hit by the flu. Still coming down from it.

Plan is to get back on the horse starting now, but by that I mean the novel horse, the LJ horse, the real life horse, and a few other horses too, and we know how that usually works out. Anyway, don't be surprised if I pop up in your old entries to say hi.

All Places Are Alike to Me: I have not left my house in a week
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The Glue of the World: The Punisher, Episode 12

Received 10 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Original fiction:
Worked on the first arc of my superhero comic.
Ready to go for NaNoWriMo, which, if successful, will cross two items off this list.

Art and crafting:
Almost finished coloring the superhero costumes.
Found the fabric and took my measurements for the skirt.

Finished Good Poems, which is kind of a freebie because I read a poem a night anyway. Kind of not sure if I actually finished anything else!
But I did take home a nice library haul and spent some time on an awesome nonfiction, How to Tame a Fox. I've been seeing articles about these silver foxes online for a while, and I'm so glad there's a whole book about it now. Definitely one I'd recommend to the animal lovers on my flist (represent). I didn't finish and I had to return it early because it's a new book, but I'll come back to it sometime.
And I'm maybe a third of the way through A Path of Daggers, book 8 of Wheel of Time. This is where the series really starts to slog, but I'm okay about going more slowly now, since taaroko is gaining on me and that ought to make it more fun.

TV and games:
Posted a couple of those BtVS reviews. Just one more and I can at least say I've gotten through Season 1.

Did my TV review, doing my monthly post now. (Doing all the internet stuff now, because then if I don't get a chance tomorrow, I won't be able to tell myself I'm already behind and I should just give up on NaNo, take that self, I've got your number.)

See you in a month!

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The Glue of the World: Sigur Ros - Heysatan

Received 9 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
Okay, I admit it. I'm entering NaNoWriMo.

I'm also traveling for work early on Tuesday and returning on Friday. I've got one other business trip in November, and we're flying to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with my sister's family, and at some point we'll need to celebrate our anniversary and prepare for December, which will mostly be taken up by visiting in-laws.

In other words, I'm going to fail NaNoWriMo, but I feel like giving it my best effort is the kind of thing I need to be doing right now. Unfortunately, best effort means eliminating distractions, so you probably won't see me at all for the next month. I'll allow myself back onto social media if I'm ahead on my wordcount for the day, or if I fail so spectacularly and so early that I can tell I'm never catching up. (This is essentially what happened the first two or three times I entered, some ten-fifteen years ago.)

So please don't take it personally if I'm even worse about commenting or responding than I usually am. And if anyone else happens to be entering, come say hi.

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The Glue of the World: Radiohead - Where I End And You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In)

Received 4 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw
I've been meaning to do a TV post for SO long! Here's some blah blah about what I've been watching.

The DefendersCollapse )
My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicCollapse )
Bojack HorsemanCollapse )
Star Trek: the Original SeriesCollapse )
The GiftedCollapse )
Agents of SHIELDCollapse )
SupernaturalCollapse )

Yeah, so there's so much coming out I'm overwhelmed by TV again, but cool with falling way behind and catching up once they're all neatly contained on Netflix or whatever. Can you believe all this Marvel coming at us? Discuss.

...And I might as well mention now, I'm not planning to watch any TV, unless it's family time, for the month of November. Stay tuned for why.

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The Glue of the World: Björk - Mouth's Cradle

Received 9 Ultimas! ~*~ Draw

I could watch forty minutes of this scene on a loop. Angel. Buffy. Buffy's date. Muffin.

So where do you know Buffy from?Collapse )

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The Glue of the World: Moby - My Weakness

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