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God bless the rain, and the rainclouds that bring it. God bless the music, and the voices that sing it. God bless the ones who sing everything wrong. God bless all creatures who do not belong.

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Well, maybe two things. I'm kind of intrigued by the animation because it's so simplified and choppy that it seems like it must be an intentional throwback to the 80's, which is brilliant in a way. It looks like the cartoons that Peter would have watched in his childhood, and by extension is familiar to everyone of his age. Subliminal retro. On the other hand, I like modern animation. Putting a purpose behind lower quality doesn't make it higher quality.

The voices are kind of the same deal: more exaggerated and cartoony than I would like, but in keeping with the different mood that the show has from the movie and the comics. Everything else is splashy and vibrant and satisfying for its own sake, though not altogether exciting.

But none of that matters, because - okay, this is really the one thing I had to tell you - COSMO IS IN IT. Cosmo! The Soviet Space Dog! And he talks! Psionically! With his Russian accent! This show could be a pile of steaming garbage in every other facet and it would still be worth watching because it has Cosmo the Soviet Space Dog and his psionic Russian accent.

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Title: Detonation Imminent
Author: Kairos
Fandom: MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: General (some language, some violence, some creepy stuff)
Wordcount: This part, 2850
Characters/Pairing: Peter&Rocket
Summary: Peter's been invited back into Stark Tower.
Disclaimer: The matter of who actually owns these characters and this world is getting pretty complicated, but I can say with confidence that it's not me.

Aaaand we're back. Sort of. Don't know if anyone noticed my absence, but it's temporary and nothing's wrong, I've just been busy with stuff like cooking, riding my bike, watching flamenco dancers in Barcelona. Also coming up empty for fandom inspiration lately.

Mostly, I'm bummed about any important events in your life that went by without any comments from me, so that much, I'll try to improve on. Sorry for tacking this onto an update to a fic that most of you aren't reading; I just wanted to have at least something new to post, or what am I, a self-referential apology machine?

Air those doubts, man. Air them good.Collapse )

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When I was younger I watched the sitcoms that were on at the time, stuff like Mad About You, Frasier, Seinfeld, and (inhale, exhale) Friends. They made me laugh and didn't annoy me too badly during the duration of the episode, and anyway in those days you just watched whatever was on, especially if your house had one TV and someone was already watching it. Once they were all off the air, I never really missed them, and gradually realized that I regret the hours I spent on them and just don't like sitcoms overall.

Now that sci-fi/fantasy TV has gotten better and more ubiquitous, it's been easy to fill up those hours without resorting to standard American comedy. I stuck with How I Met Your Mother for a few seasons since the cast is hard to pass up for a Whedon fan, but it started to feel like a chore. (I did catch the finale on a plane a little while ago, and didn't understand why everyone hated it so much, which probably just shows my lack of investment.) Same deal with The Office. I thought I might like The Big Bang Theory, and I did, until I saw this one episode (also on a plane; actually, I think I've only seen like three episodes of this show total) where the men go to a comic convention and their girlfriends stay home rolling their eyes over how immature that is, and you just do not pull that shit on me and expect me to ever watch five minutes of your show again.

All that was just intro to say I'm watching Parks and Recreation and I really, really like it. I don't know what makes it different. I don't know if I'll keep loving it to the end. But I'm watching a comedy and it's actually funny and I don't get angry at myself every time I see another episode.

Thanks for the rec - you know who you are.

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It's hard to explain but this panel basically represents everything I love about classic Marvel comics:

Rahne and Illyana

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I finally took down another Dav Pilkey image (that's the gargoyle children's book author/illustrator I've been using for my profiles everywhere on the internet), and crossed off "update LJ profile" from one of the to-do lists I haven't touched in months. Of course, I might end up repeating the cycle with James Gurney art instead, but at least it's a change.

Also I put down actual money - just a couple bucks of it, but I can't help highlighting how insane this is - on a custom raccoon userhead. You know why, don't you? Yeah. Because all the animals just look stupid with shoulders, except for the raccoon, which looks like Rocket.

The website - my own website, not LJ - has me spinning my wheels again because the builder that we use is actually very limited and I don't have the knowledge to work outside of its boundaries. I know that putting a border around a certain block of text should be less of a priority than making posts and encouraging activity, but I am completely null on inspiration lately and kind of reliant on jobs with inherent structure so I can get myself moving again.

Any ideas? Advice? Kick in the pants? Also, what should I make for dinner tonight?

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Title: Detonation Imminent
Author: Kairos
Fandom: MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: General (some language, some violence, some creepy stuff)
Wordcount: This part, 2722
Characters/Pairing: Peter&Rocket
Summary: This is where I stop summarizing by talking about who is trying to get in out of Stark Tower.
Disclaimer: The matter of who actually owns these characters and this world is getting pretty complicated, but I can say with confidence that it's not me.

Are we not even that interesting to these people?Collapse )

[Spoilerific notes here.] Hopefully this cleared up some of the hanging plot points, though there are still some left to resolve. If you felt like the reveal about Thanos was setting up for a sequel, well, sometimes resolutions will do that by nature. However, I can say with absolute confidence that if I ever write a sequel to this story, it will not be about Avengers + Guardians vs. Thanos. There are movies coming that cover that, even if they're not in my continuity, and it's not the kind of story I'm into writing anyway.

So why'd I bother adding that bit? Remember the beginning - Peter wanted to form an alliance with the Avengers, but everything that's happened since then has brought him further from that goal. Now it's suddenly more important than ever. That's the story I wanted to tell: the conflict that comes before the conflict. That's also why everyone's going to keep talking for a while.

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This is just a bit of crackpot theorizing, but in regards to Angel's condemnation of Buffy/immortals on the last page, everyone seems to be asking if it's an accurate prediction of the end of Spuffy, or whether it's just Angel being a dick. What if it's an accurate prediction of something a little more complicated? If Angel Shanshus at the end of the season, Buffy would have to be faced with the choice of beginning a relationship with him that might actually work, or sticking with Spike out of loyalty (or whatever it is that she's getting out of this).

If Spike Shanshus, which might actually be a possibility given the way they've pissed all over the promises of the original canon so far, the anti-mortal/immortal-relationships theory being pushed in this arc could be seen as the final blessing for Spuffy and they'll live happily ever after as a pair of humans.

There aren't any actual good options left but I admit I'm curious about what kind of game Christos Gage is playing with these characters.

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Title: Detonation Imminent
Author: Kairos
Fandom: MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: General (some language, some violence, some creepy stuff)
Wordcount: This part, 3683
Characters/Pairing: Peter&Rocket
Summary: Everyone wants to get out of Stark Tower if they know what's good for them.
Disclaimer: The matter of who actually owns these characters and this world is getting pretty complicated, but I can say with confidence that it's not me.

When it comes to the people you care about, you can’t afford to take any chances. I think that’s something you understand.Collapse )

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...Is live.

I know what you're thinking (because I'm telepathic. I didn't want this to be how you found out but we can get through it together): why did it take that long for this to go up when there's hardly anything there? Well, I had a bit of a catch-22 going on because I wanted feedback, and experience, to make it perfect before anyone saw it or I had any experience. Now that I have an actual thing to tweak according to your suggestions and my own whims, I can start tweaking.

I'll be on vacation for the next week and change, so what I said in the blog post about making daily updates (I think I said that, anyway) is a dirty lie until I get back. But I'm still online, because Moloch's minions have taught us that if you're not jacked in, you're not alive. Talking can happen and I'll talk back.

Castles. Gargoyles. Stone. Perpetual. Forever is the whole point.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Hurt/comfort starring Rocket is everything

Daemon fic is apparently this whole thing and I can't get enough of it

I've only read the early chapters but I like 'em

When you adore the Peter&Rocket but not so much Peter/Rocket


More daemons; the links are pictures of the animals, man that's brilliant

Daemons again but this time you'll be like well of course Kairos loves this one

When you discover this amazing multi-chapter fic right before it stops updating

This is for if you love Matt and want to make yourself happy


Because we all wanted to know what everyone else was doing during AoU

Pretty sure I lost a few I liked, but at least now I won't lose these. :) Spent some time searching for one I read which basically consisted of Rocket crawling into Peter's bed (just to sleep), then realized I was probably the only one around who really digs stories about sentient cyborg raccoons cuddling with intergalactic rapscallions.

If you're hesitating on the daemon ones because you haven't read His Dark Materials, don't - the borrowed concept is simple and you'll figure it out within a couple paragraphs.

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They're doing a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon. I'm caught between elation at more GotG content, and a case of grumps because it will most likely be nothing special and I'll end up watching it anyway. The shorts available on that link are at least a heck of a lot better than the comics that were just released using stillframes from them (because of course when I open Marvel Unlimited and there are new comics with the words "Guardians of the Galaxy" on them I read those first).

Anyway, it's not due out until September 26 and then I'm not sure how long it will take for it to get to a format where I can stream for free, so we're talking distant future. I've just been thinking about timing a lot lately - how the fandom I've got on the mind doesn't ever seem to line up with what's currently available anymore. Right now I basically have access to everything I've ever been obsessed with, and I'm kind of ho-hum about all of it. GotG is probably in the lead, but I'm also on my second wave, so the thrills are notably diminished.

I'm still not over the frustration of the Land Before Time sequels being made when I wasn't even a real child anymore.

There's also a new Lion King cartoon coming in November, which I've been keeping an eye on since the central characters are Simba's family and not the dumbass comic relief. My TLK days came and went before I knew you could talk about movies on the internet, but part of me has always been waiting for an excuse to get them back. I actually have the first chapter of a fanfic written, but if I ever post it anywhere and someone happens to read it, I'll feel obliged to continue and let me tell you that is going to be one hell of a timesuck.

Obviously the target age group doesn't influence my enjoyment of a show that much, but I know children's television can be inspired and substantial and hoping that two of my favorite things are going to manage that caliber at once is probably going to leave me disappointed. Anyone else have such hopes?

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Title: Detonation Imminent
Author: Kairos
Fandom: MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: General (some language, some violence, some creepy stuff)
Wordcount: This part, 2438
Characters/Pairing: Peter&Rocket; Tony/Pepper
Summary: Peter's back in the Avengers' base of operations and wants to get out...again.
Disclaimer: The matter of who actually owns these characters and this world is getting pretty complicated, but I can say with confidence that it's not me.

I just need your creds on two things. First, how familiar are you with Arc Reactor technology?Collapse )

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I haven't had much to say about the comics lately, but I thought my fellow B/A shippers could use a bit of catharsis after that last issue. And the fans who lurk around our blogs hoping to see us flip out about Spuffy could use a bit of ammo, so here's some strategic rearrangement that should please everyone:

Screenshot at Jul 31 22-59-09 Screenshot at Jul 31 22-34-47
Screenshot at Jul 31 22-45-00 Screenshot at Jul 31 22-44-23

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1-9 Alana
10-12 Zipless
13-17 Marko
18-21 Hazel
22 The Will
63-27 Gwendolyn
28-29 Sophie
30-33 Klara
34-37 Izabel
38-42 Lying Cat
43-52 Prince Robot
53-54 Princess Robot
55-56 Gale
57-60 Doff
61-62 Upsher
63-64 The Brand
65 Sweet Boy
66 Gwendolyn's unicorn lady lover
67-71 Heist
72 Freelancers' Agent
73 Dengo
74 Yuma
75-76 Even
77 The Stalk
78 Friendo
79-105 Multiple Characters
106-107 Other

Table generated using angelamaria's Icon Table Generator.
Icons by their own makers.

Was kind of surprised to find that it wasn't as many as I made last time. Sure felt like I did enough cropping and resizing and saving! But there's a wider variety of characters this time, if not as many icons of each one. I hope someone out there enjoys them!

Icons can be altered or used as bases as you wish. Comments and credit are appreciated but not mandatory. Don't hotlink.

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Been noticing lately that I only post about fandoms when nobody else is interested in them. Point in case: people friend me to talk about Daredevil, and all of a sudden I'm all "Guardians of the Galaxy!" and "ponies!" and "Saga!"

Here's a quick apology/nod. More to come. Eventually.


“Matthew,” says Father Lantom, plainly exasperated. “Do I have to be the one to mention what you’re leaving out?”

Matt thinks back, his week in sin. “Nothing.”

“I’ve seen a lot of you lately. Never on Sunday morning, though.”

Oh. That. “It’s...difficult. The organ’s so loud, and incense chokes me…”

“And you’re busy. And tired. And compared to what goes on in your life, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.”

Matt has to smile. “Guess you’ve heard all the excuses.”

There’s an affirmative grunt. “Seven a.m. No organ, no censer. It’s time, Matthew. Come back to mass.”

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I don't know if anyone on my flist right now is watching or has ever watched much ponies, but I'm slowly catching up with Season 5 and hot damn. That was the most satisfying, hilarious, unbelievable hundredth episode extravaganza that I've ever seen a TV show pull off. The Derpy and Doctor Whooves stuff was more or less mandatory for the theme they chose, but - Stephen Magnet? Philosopher Gummy? Lyra and Bon-Bon's lesbian undertones? The fourth wall came down so hard that the other three are probably still trembling.

And that's just adding to, let's see...the anti-communism premier, Luna completing the CMC dreamwalking triad, a GoT reference, Nothing Can Stop the Smooze, stoner pony named Tree Hugger, drunk Celestia, those last three all being in the same episode and I haven't even mentioned my favorite redeemed villain being in it too, griffons, and a baking soda promotion. Oh, and "If you befriend a librarian, you can find out almost anything." Twilight is such a guru these days. Character development isn't just for live action anymore.

I'm not clinging to any great hope that I can convince anyone else to watch it with me, but just to let you know, I haven't had any trouble finding this season's episodes on YouTube. I only wish there were enough hours in the day to watch shows like this multiple times. Yep, I mean it. Still.

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Title: Detonation Imminent
Author: Kairos
Fandom: MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: General (some language, some violence, some creepy stuff)
Wordcount: This part, 3149
Characters/Pairing: Peter&Rocket; Tony/Pepper; Peter/women in general
Summary: Peter's back in the Avengers' base of operations. Nobody's really that happy about it.
Disclaimer: The matter of who actually owns these characters and this world is getting pretty complicated, but I can say with confidence that it's not me.

I am a genius by the impartial standards of any rational thinker, and I’m the one who made everything that blinks or hums in here.Collapse )

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Guys, I just wrote out a blog entry that took me like an hour and got it deleted because of this crap laptop, so I'm going to do this the fast way, which I hate almost as much as I hate posting something political:

Don't form opinions on the Sad Puppies campaign based on grrm 's blog posts on it. He's biased and has done a hell of a lot more harm than good in trying to defend the Hugo awards. If you want to know more, feel free to ask me, but you can also just read any of Larry Correia's posts on the topic at Monster Hunter Nation, or just google for the other side.

The rest of the post was a short review of One Bright Star to Guide Them by John Wright. If you read his blog you're probably going to hate him, but you know what? The man is a brilliant author and he deserves awards and that's the only thing that should matter. A Song of Ice and Fire has been my favorite series for well over a decade, and I've never read anything by Larry Correia. GRRM is wrong about this, and Correia is right. Separating the work from its author is not that hard.

I'm never getting that hour of my life back and I know none of us here really care about the Hugos, so now I feel bitchy and I'm going to eat breakfast before this turns into something I regret.

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Not a bad MCU installment. Not among my favorites.Collapse )

I was with a non-geek so we didn't stay through the credits to check if there was a second bonus scene - if anyone did and there was, could you summarize it for me? Thanks!

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