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God bless the rain, and the rainclouds that bring it. God bless the music, and the voices that sing it. God bless the ones who sing everything wrong. God bless all creatures who do not belong.

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I had really high hopes for this movie - so much so that I actually ordered the DVD before I'd even seen it - so last night when I started watching, way too late for a weeknight, I felt a little meh throughout the first half or so.

Today I'm in a good mood and I can't pin it on anything other than Guardians of the Galaxy, so I retroactively love it.

Anyone know where I can get some Rocket icons? Or any icons really, but live action anthropomorphic character + procyonidae + BFGs + stupid wisecracks + unwilling biological experiment, Rocket was never headed anywhere but straight to my heart.

Please oh please let there be a way for any of these characters to crossover to the MU movies set on Terra!

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This year I've gained a few new LJ friends who are still basically strangers, and even though I made sure to leave adequate warning in the friending memes and what-all that I'm not currently active online, I've seen some "introduction to blog" posts from said new friends and was thinking that maybe doing that makes more sense than telling the internet "I'm back!" and then immediately contradicting that with a couple more weeks of silence and then it's back-to-back Hunger Games posts and nobody even knows if that's the norm or if I'm acting really odd lately...

Kudos if you followed that; I'm not sure I did.

Anyway, the problem is that I consider this a fandom blog, so I wasn't sure how to introduce myself when personal information and history aren't going to be relevant to anything you'll read in an unlocked post. How about an experiment: this is an introduction to my fandom identity, commonly known as Kairos.

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EDIT 12/19: Kairos has no special dietary restrictions, but she doesn't like olives. Kairos should be exercised daily to compensate for her sugar addiction. Please supervise your Kairos at all times. If you encounter a Kairos in the wild, back away slowly and do not make eye contact. Kairos is for external use only. To remove Kairos, apply a small amount of baking soda and rub hard with a damp cloth. Kairos is valid only if presented at point of sale. The theatrical release of Kairos is indefinitely postponed due to threats of terrorism. Kairos is fine, but thank you for asking.

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Meet you at midnight...Collapse )

And speaking of influence, here's the first thing I thought of when I heard the name Effie Trinket: seriously, you're going to love this. I can't say for sure it inspired the character, but it's so close to the series' themes it seems like it can't be coincidental.

I'll just leave you with that so you can lie awake all night feeling haunted by it. Six crumbs, Capitol clowns.

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The Glue of the World: Just Cause

I meant to post on this way back when I read it for the first time because I like how popular it is around here, but, you know how it is. All the posts you mean to make. I didn't intend to reread it at any point (does anyone want my copy? I got it for free), but suddenly the movie was out and I felt like I needed to revisit, and anyway I was working on Black Friday with nothing to do and nobody looking over my shoulder, and it's not like these books need more than a day apiece. We're most likely seeing the movie tonight.

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Screw the apologies, screw the explanations. Suffice it to say: I am back.

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Because I've got a half hour and because I was recently asked about it and because I'm in a miserable mood today, let's talk about Saga, the best comic ever written, and how it could be better.

Spoilers up to latest issue.Collapse )

Well, I had a lot more to say but my half hour is up, so whoever wants to can rant along here or tell me why I'm wrong (maybe I am wrong!). If you're not already reading Saga, you still need to, no excuses. If you are, I'm hoping to do another big set of icons or some other graphics, but there are too many fandoms to be fanned....and my mood hasn't really improved yet. We'll pick up this topic later, just like I said about all the other topics.

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Just gained a few friends from a site-wide meme, and you can too:

( multi-fandom friending meme )

Eventually LJ will probably turn into a wasteland populated by twenty or so of us inflexible stalwarts, all of whom are friends except for grrm, so we might as well start getting to know each other now and see who makes it to the Ablogalypse.

Tl;dr, this is me bidding a warm albeit absent-minded welcome to anyone who's decided to tolerate my presence on their flist. Man that makes me feel like I should show more appreciation for those of you who have been doing that for years. I swear, I've tried to be entertaining! I'm trying right now!

Second order of business, I've been nominated at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction awards (click the button to see the other nominees) for "Chorus", possibly the only fic I've written this year. Thanks, whoever!


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Does anyone watch True Blood? I figured I would try Season 2 after all this time just because it's there, but now I'm kinda drawn in.

Trouble is I know for me it's all about [Spoiler (click to open)]kink, and pretty soon they're going to smash this Bill/Sookie thing that's hitting me in all the right spots. After that I suppose there will still be werewolves, and then one thing or another will keep me clinging on even though I'll be bitching all along about how much this show has gone downhill. So maybe it's a good thing Amazon only has it through S3.

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The Glue of the World: S02E05

I watched Season 8 on Netflix a while ago and wanted to make a post about it here, but stalled because damn, this is a kind of depressing thing to write about.

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By now you've probably heard that the annual I Will Remember You Fic Marathon is changing hands; angelus2hot will be the primary organizer this year, while scribesds takes a much-deserved break from it. (Personally, I hope she's spending the time relaxing in a hot tub or rockin' out at clubs, but I know she probably just needs to concentrate on her real life.)

I would have instantly volunteered for the task myself, if not for a major personal event that I have overlapping it, so while there's nothing for me to really add here, I did want to keep the conversation going a bit longer out in the open. We've heard from a lot of fans lately, affirming the importance of the IWRY Marathon to them, and it's never too early or too late to show your support by pitching in to help. How? Write. If you don't have a story idea? Write anyway. If you've never written B/A before? Make this your first time. If you're not confident in your ability? Take the plunge, ask for a beta, and write.

How else can you help? Well, for that you'll have to ask angelus2hot. I'll try to be around for the next few months to help plug, beta, and answer questions, but my main goal is to produce one B/A story of real quality, so I suppose if you want to help me, ask me how it's going. ;)

Here's to another great year of B/A fanfiction.

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Apparently the entirety of MLP:FIM S4 is already available on Netflix, which is great because it's more or less impossible to find the finale on YouTube.

And it is EPIC.Collapse )

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Finally watching the fifth and final season.Collapse )

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Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say this: so far, the Buffy half of the Season 10 comics is bloody fantastic. The characters look right, they sound right. The plot development is interesting, the continuity respects longtime fans without alienating new ones, and the humor is funny.

You got fed up with Season 9, we all did. You gave up on the comics altogether, I get that. But if you stuck around (or came back) and you've read what I did over the last few months, raise a glass with me and forget all the criticism. Forget the postmodernist wannabes trying to find offensive tropes. Forget the bloggers glancing at pirated copies before insisting that it can't be good because the last series wasn't good. Forget the kid in the lettercol trying to revert to the weak former story model by justifying the PSA characters and bemoaning their sudden and blessed absence.

We've all had so many complaints about where this franchise has gone that I for one started viewing each minor improvement as nothing but damage control. I didn't want the comics to give me an engaging new story, I just wanted them to fix the old one. I wanted a canon explanation of Angel's actions as Twilight. I wanted Buffy to stop trying to act like an adult and start acting like an adult. I wanted Dawn to firmly reject Spike's friendship and make her reasons for it crystal clear. Etc. etc. etc. Season 9's Angel & Faith fulfilled a little of my wishlist while Season 9's Buffy piled on more things I wanted fixed and it did not level out to square one.

I still want those things. But you know, this has been the show from the very beginning (or at least the end of Season 5). Along with the good, you get gaping plot holes, foolish moral messages, badly written episodes, and an infuriating lack of resolution for any of the biggest mistakes. I kept watching/reading because in spite of it all, the characters and world I loved still existed and they were worth the time I spent with them. That doesn't change just because the faults haven't been retroactively healed by what's come since then.

Season 10, or at least half of it, may be shaping up to be better than not only Seasons 8 and 9, but Seasons 6 and 7 too. I propose we sit back and let it. We can't hinge everything on hoping for specific events to occur. The repair crew is never coming in. What we have now has to be enjoyed for its own merits, or it can't be enjoyed at all.

If that seems like a no-brainer, it is. If the book's not making you happy, drop it. I choose to pay my dollars, read, and love it.

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Hey friends! Bet you weren't expecting this: janasbangel wrote a fic for Cookie Day, and she used my Joy'verse setting and OC Joy for it. How cool is that? I made some cosmetic changes and added a few words, but the idea and content are hers.

It's reposted here with permission. Enjoy!

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Since the advent of TV on Netflix I've been watching fewer movies (possibly true for others too?). I've got a handful of them to rattle on about now, though, and because of my recent travels to a faraway SO faraway destination, I've had a lot of flying hours to kill and a decent selection of movies at my disposal.

The first one I chose was Life of Pi, even though I'd already seen it. I love that movie. Nevertheless, I fell asleep in the middle and didn't bother going back to finish it, and I probably won't feel the need to see it again. It would be nice to read the book again, but I doubt I'll ever have the time.

The rest might contain spoilers, so...

Star Trek: Into DarknessCollapse )
World War ZCollapse )
Rise of the GuardiansCollapse )
Don JonCollapse )
Much Ado About NothingCollapse )
Knights of BadassdomCollapse )
FrozenCollapse )

In other movie news, I finally own a DVD of Empire Records. I've seen it over thirty times on VHS and NEVER the extended version, so it's gonna be crazy times when I crack it open. They'll probably block off the street. I may liveblog.

What's out now, either in theaters or to rent, that I should see? Aside from the latest X-Men of course. Lately I'm just not informed at all and I want to know what to look forward to.

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Covered in this installment: War of the Worlds, A Tale of Two Cities, Ulysses, Bend Sinister, and Green Rider.

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Like I said at the end of the last series, I won't be doing reviews for each issue of Season Ten. I said this mostly to preemptively assuage my own guilt at not getting a reaction post up promptly and not doing "my part" to keep discussion alive in our corner of the fandom. This was silly of me. Obviously I was going to feel guilty anyway.

But life is life and this is probably about the level of promptness that we can expect from me for the duration of the series. Now let's see what kind of reaction we can expect from me!

Spoilers for Buffy #1, A&F #1, and probably the latest preview.Collapse )

Sorry for jamming all of this together, but I actually thought I'd be a lot briefer with my comments. As always, I'm all over the place but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to talk about these comics with anyone who wants to. Also happy to host a conversation if any of you just want a post where you can talk to each other. Dark Horse Buffy forever!

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Title: Older
Author: Kairos
Wordcount: This part, 2623
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Boss Whedon.
Notes: Forget beta'd, this hasn't even been proofread. I finished it two minutes ago and my tentative plan is to come back later and shriek at the mess and fix everything.

The reason I'm posting it now anyway is because today is the birthday of someone really fantastic and special, janasbangel, and I didn't have anything prepared for her. I still wish I could do better than a hastily completed fic chapter, but I thought it might brighten her day - at least this gives me a space to tell you it's Janas's birthday so you can wish her a happy one.

So, to a beautiful soul and great friend, I hope you find some enjoyment here!

You'll find I don't readily admit defeat.Collapse )

Previous chapter.
Start at the beginning.

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